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See the Japan Buyout Landscape below.

Ark Totan Alternative, an independent asset manager in Japan, kindly provided us to show buyout players in Japan. The vertical Y-axis means the number of executed transactions since each foundation, and the horizontal X-axis shows the size of AUM. Very interesting, right?

Our Founders

Ken Kuga, Founder

Ken started his career in the asset management industry when he joined JP Morgan in 1997.

In 2000, he joined Goldman Sachs to enhance its structuring capability of credit derivative business in FICC until 2009, before he moved to Merrill Lynch Japan Limited. Since then, he earned an industry-wide reputation and a proven track record of fundraising activity in multiple investment management companies, including Angelo, Gordon &Co, as the Head of Japan Investor Relations.

Education: Hitotsubashi Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, MBA in Finance


Tomoko Takazawa, Chief Operating Officer

Tomoko started her career with Goldman Sachs in 2002, responsible for marketing and structuring financial products in FICC. Post-graduation from the HEC-Paris MBA program in 2011, she joined one of the largest consulting firms as the consultant that leads and supports M&A advisory business. She joined Diagonal, Inc. in late November 2020 as Chief Operating Officer.

Education: HEC-Paris, MBA Program Class of 2011   Waseda University Graduate School of Science, Master of Science